Irish Regulator Invites Industry Expressions of Interest

May 20, 2024 | Regulatory

The new Gambling Industry regulator in the Republic of Ireland, the GRAI (Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland), recently announced their first mass industry engagement.

All stakeholders to the Irish Industry, domestic and international, have been invited to register expressions of interest, in advance of an engagement with the authority.

This is NOT a call to engage with the GRAI, as all they require at the moment is a survey to register specific interest in the Irish industry.

The GRAI is not on a statutory footing just yet, although the Gambling Control Bill has passed a government vote, it requires another vote in the Seanad (Irelands Upper House) before it can be submitted to the President for signing into law. This is expected to happen this year and licensing to fall under the remit of the GRAI immediately. Any current licenses, issued by the Courts and Revenue Commissioners are expected to run their course to expiration and a new application submitted under the auspices of the GRAI.

All interested stakeholders are asked to submit their interest here:


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