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Hi, I’m John Purcell. With 30+ years in gaming, I blend hands-on casino experience with cutting-edge tech expertise. Whether online or offline, I deliver innovative insights and strategies in operations, technology, marketing & regulatory compliance to elevate success in casinos, slots, lottery & bingo. Currently CEO of DigiWheel, an Evolution Company & Non Executive Chairman of Etaleo, an advanced gambling technology and consulting business.

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Dedicated to Elevating Success in the Gambling Industry

Passionate about the vibrant world of gaming. With strong, strategic expertise, I hope my knowledge and insights can help your business thrive in this dynamic, fun industry!

I hope you find content here that makes the excitement of the gambling industry translate into real success for your casino, arcade, slots, lottery, bingo or sports betting environment, whether offline or online.

Particularly affinity for the digital consumer journey, bridging offline and online. Not just one or the other, but the progress of blurring the lines between the two for a seamless customer experience.


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A former industry CEO, inventor/innovator, certified management consultant and advocate of continuous personal/professional development. I have offered tailored strategies and solutions for gaming industry challenges for over 30 years. By leveraging my extensive experience and innovative approach, I help casinos and gaming businesses navigate complex issues (offline and online), optimise operations, and embrace cutting-edge technology, ensuring they stay ahead in this dynamic industry. 

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